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One of the most compelling alternative assets on the market today is cask whisky. The rates of return achievable by whisky casks dwarf those of fine wine, with less risk though there is a more prohibitive cost of entry with casks starting around £3,600 (equivalent to HK$38,500 or SG$6,685) for newly filled barrels and hogsheads and progressing steadily up to 15-year olds at £15,000-£20,000 (equivalent to HK$161,200 - HK$215,000 or SG$27,845 - SG$37,130), at which point the value and cost can begin to truly soar.

Cru is pleased to offer cask sales from some of the finest, most sought after distilleries in Scotland with blue-chip icons Mortlach, Springbank, Laphroaig and Bowmore all attainable for the right price, while more boutique names including closed distilleries and rare single grains, offering incredible upside for comparatively reasonable sums of money.

With Cru's industry-leading automated sales platform designed for fine wine and the first in the world to be applied effectively to cask whisky, there is not where better to invest in this remarkable asset. Whether you're looking for en primeur new make casks, maturing casks with superb upside or venerably mature 25+-year-old single malts we have a uniquely varied supply chain and agile platform built upon our long-standing expertise and close contacts within the industry.

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Aberlour Speyside Single Malt Refill Hogshead OLA 147 ABV 63.7% Full Cask 2013

Aberlour Speyside Single Malt Refill Hogshead OLA 147 ABV 63.7% Full Cask 2013

The jewel in the Chivas crown, Aberlour has been a lynchpin of the Speyside landscape since its founding by James Fleming in 1879. Situated in the eponymous village of Aberlour between the River Spey and Ben Rinnes, Aberlour is as decorated a distillery as they come, winning 58 titles at the IWSC and ISC for their various expressions, presenting quality and consistency matched by few if any distilleries in Scotland or around the world.

Aberlour is one of the most popular Speyside single malts for very good reason. Known and beloved for its classic, richly sherried style and incredible balance it is, for many, the first point of contact with both heavily sherried whisky and cask strength whisky in the form of the ever-popular A'bunadh expression. Single cask renditions are however increasingly rare as the distillery's profile raises to such levels that more and more of the spirit is dedicated to distillery bottlings. Those that are found on the market are highly coveted and jealously sought-after.

A rare find on the cask market, this 8-year-old refill hogshead is a relative bargain given the strength of the brand and full naming rights. Sold with OLA numbers rather than RLA, it comes at a solid discount presenting the savvy investor with added upside along with the looming landmark age statements of 10 and 12 years. Suited for the long term as Aberlour's spirit ages exceptionally well, look for this to take on a softened bourbon sweetness and gentle orchard fruit characteristic over the years which will lend itself well to either finishing or to secondary maturation in Sherry or even Madeira wood.

Delivery to Storage from 22 Sep 2022

Hogshead 1 - Read Review/Description HK$198,550.00
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Ardmore Highland Single Malt Hogshead Cask No. 86 Full Cask 2009

Ardmore Highland Single Malt Hogshead Cask No. 86 Full Cask 2009 If Tullibardine is the refined Highland Gentleman then Ardmore is the wild Claymore-wielding cateran with its intense, peat-infused spirit giving it added muscle over many of its Highland counterparts. That said, this is hardly a Highlander at all, hailing from the village of Kennethmont, Aberdeenshire on the borders of Speyside.

Originally founded in the 1890s by William Teacher to provide spirit for the blended whisky Teacher’s Highland Cream it is known as the peated Highland malt. While other distilleries experiment with peat, BenRiach, GlenDronach and Edradour, Ardmore is the only consistently heavily-peated Highlander and as such it has developed a devoted following.

Ardmore is a classic for independent bottlers and even at younger age statements the spirit can impress mightily with its intensity, richness and slightly waxy texture, not dissimilar from Clynelish sans the coastal element. A throwback to an earlier age when many if not all whiskies were at least somewhat peated this is a standalone remnant of Highland malt as it once was.
Delivery to Storage from 5 Jul 2022

Scotland Barrel 1 - Read Review/Description HK$153,835.00
Bladnoch Lowland Single Malt Bourbon Barrel OLA 123.9 ABV 63.2% Full Cask 2019

Bladnoch Lowland Single Malt Bourbon Barrel OLA 123.9 ABV 63.2% Full Cask 2019

Founded in 1817, legendary Lowland distillery Bladnoch is one of the oldest distilleries in the country and the oldest operating Lowland distillery since the closure of Littlemill which held both titles.

Situated west of the village of Wigtown in the Gallovidian countryside, Bladnoch has the distinction of being the southernmost distillery in Scotland - closer to Belfast than Edinburgh - and its spirit in some ways bears a semblance to the softer malts of Ireland, though it eschews the triple distillation practiced by its Irish cousins and other Lowland neighbours.

The classic house style of Bladnoch is gentle and combines a fruit-forward malt profile with elements of spice and earth which celebrate a variety of wood types including the classic PX and Oloroso sherries, with a number of exceptional expressions thriving in less intrusive Bourbon wood for those who prefer the character of the distillate to shine more clearly.

A stop-start attempt to reopen the distillery under independent ownership faltered in the early 2010s but in 2017 the stills at last roared back into life and with new packaging and a vision for the future Bladnoch made a strong statement of intent that they were ready to take centre stage as the top player in the Lowlands. In 2019 they took another step in reinstating Bladnoch as a premier single malt when Dr Nick Savage took over as Master Distiller after previously serving in the same post with none-other than The Macallan.

Extremely rare on the cask market, we have secured a number of new make casks filled in 2019 & 2020 into world class bourbon barrels, sherry hogsheads and a very limited number of Oloroso & PX butts. All produced under the stewardship of Dr. Savage offered below £12 IB per bottle they are incredible value and with the future of the Bladnoch brand being rosy as it is, they offer remarkable upside.

Delivery to Storage from 12 Oct 2022

Barrel 1 - Read Review/Description HK$88,000.00
Craigellachie Speyside Single Malt Full Cask RLA 124.3 Pedro Ximenez Hogshead 60.5% 2014

Craigellachie Speyside Single Malt Full Cask RLA 124.3 Pedro Ximenez Hogshead 60.5% 2014 Not as soft as a typical Speyside, Craigellachie was referred to by Master of Malt as "the Bad Boy of Speyside" and is well known and prized for its more "masculine" character, it’s oily texture and meatiness. This is a distillery that does best in Bourbon barrels which allow the natural intensity of the spirit to shine through without cluttering it with over-sherried distraction.

Craigellachie has had a recent resurgence in attention, not least because they only started putting out official bottlings for the first time in decades in 2014. Previously making most of its impact in the White Horse blend which won Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible Blend of the Year in 2007 it was high time for a resurgence of the magical malt behind the brand.

A stylish rebranding and refocus on the distillery’s more intense, bold spirit has led to a new generation of devotees and prices for official distillery bottlings are high, giving a definitive reference point for valuation on casks that are held by patient owners for the years to come.

Due for re-racking in April 2021
Delivery to Storage from 22 Feb 2022

Scotland Hogshead 1 - Read Review/Description HK$109,695.00
Glenrothes Speyside Single Malt 1st Fill Oloroso Sherry Butt OLA 349.6 ABV 69.7% Full Cask 2013

Glenrothes Speyside Single Malt 1st Fill Oloroso Sherry Butt OLA 349.6 ABV 69.7% Full Cask 2013

One of the hottest commodities on the cask market over the past year is assuredly The Glenrothes. Stablemate to Macallan and Highland Park and under the masterful guidance of Gordon Motion who took the reins in 2009, there are few Speysiders which have the reputation for longevity and excellence as The Glenrothes. After a rapturous reception to our recent offering of the 2011s and a follow up of 2012, we are pleased that we can offer a last butt of 2013 to our customers as well.

Glenrothes is best known as a sherry-aged Speysider and this cask shows why that reputation is so justified; taking the best elements of the wood and developing into a thoroughly impressive malt. Having spent the last decade in first fill butts and taking on some remarkable characteristics as well as impressive depth of colour, they are nothing short of blue chip casks in the early days of their trajectory.

Stored at Glenrothes distillery since distillation, this has not been regauged hence the cask being listed with OLA details but a sample drawn has indicated excellent colour extraction and a recent regauge of the 2011 casks we purchased registered RLA 262.5 which is par for the course on a 1st fill Sherry butt and we would expect this to be regauged in the coming weeks between 262 and 285 RLA or thereabouts with an ABV in the low to mid 60s, indicating excellent longevity.

Tasting Note
Glenrothes’ spirit generally sports a clear barley-driven aromatic profile the key to this cask’s appeal is the classically oily, muscular structure that has become a hallmark of Glenrothes’ extremely age-worthy spirit over the years. The sherry wood is working wonders inregards to the develoment of a complex, decadent flavour profile as well as colour; a not insignificant element of the overall experience, so be sure.
Delivery to Storage from 11 Oct 2022

Scotland Butt and Puncheon 1 - Read Review/Description HK$576,850.00
Macduff Highland Single Malt Refill Hogshead Cask No. 301 Full Cask 2014

Macduff Highland Single Malt Refill Hogshead Cask No. 301 Full Cask 2014 ”Beware the Thane of Fife…”

The Macduff Distillery has no connection to the literary nemesis of MacBeth, but instead takes its name from the nearby fishing port of the same name, which was formerly known by its Gaelic name of an Dùn but was purchased in whole by William Duff, the 1st Earl of Fife and renamed in honour of his legendary ancestor.

Best known as the source of the Glen Deveron single malt, which has at times been the name of the distillery -changing a number of times since its founding in the 1960s - Macduff is a perfectly designed malt distillery built to purpose and designed by renowned architect William Delmé-Evans.

A unique still set up using a gentle upward slant for the lyne-arms and a 90° kink in the swan necks, coupled with cold water condensers results in a nutty impressive spirit which retains a lot of the impurities needed for a characterful whisky. A nutty flavour profile with a struck match element in youth that lends itself to long ageing belies a spirit with excellent structure, perfect for complimenting cask finishes without losing its unique style, where softer whiskies can be obliterated by a characterful cask.

Managed by John Dewar & Sons alongside the legendary Aberfeldy and fellow cult stablemates Craigellachie, Aultmore and Royal Brackla, Macduff is a hidden gem with a lot of upside offering as it does excellent value even for casks with age built in, such as this 7-year-old hogshead.
Delivery to Storage from 5 Jul 2022

Scotland Hogshead 1 - Read Review/Description HK$59,005.00

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